Zumbühl Designstudio looks back on many years of furniture and interior design. Increasingly, Jakob Zumbühl and Andrin Häfeli fall back on their technical backgrounds, areas in which they trained before graduating as industrial designers FH at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). In industrial competencies they are service providers in the field of product design for consumer and investment goods.

In January 2016 they founded Zumbühl Designstudio Ltd. and Andrin Häfeli joined the board of directors. The new company Zumbühl Designstudio takes over from studio frieszumbühl and is at home in the center of Winterthur’s historic industrial area. The old industrial building provides ample amount of space for idea generation and experimental work.

The first product was developed during their studies at ZhdK in 2002 by Kevin Fries and Jakob Zumbühl, who discovered complementary qualities in eachother. After project-based collaboration they founded the studio fries&zumbühl. Their different approach and way of thinking was the key to their fast success. In 2010 Andrin Häfeli joined the company as a driving force and valuable colleague. fries&zumbühl was renamed studio frieszumbühl in 2012. In 2014 Kevin Fries decided to focis more on his musical talent and left the studio, which was then run by Jakob Zumbühl and Andrin Häfeli until the end of 2015.