Furniture design is often seen as the pinnacle of design achievement­­­­­. In this area, work comes close to creative activity.


Every piece of furniture has its own identity and shows characteristics which awaken emotions in its owner. This direct relationship to the object and its perception of function and aesthetics motivate us when searching for life-enriching solutions.


We are interested in the fancy aspects as well as the everyday normality of the objects, always focussing though on fulfilling the ultimate purpose. Almost every room is influenced by the choice of furniture. Artificial lighting influences our living habits, these light sources are functional, but also create atmosphere. Surfaces take on colors, materials and shapes and influence our perceptions and emotions.


With our work, we can contribute to a positive environment. No matter whether it is a cherished everyday object or complete premises, the size of the object is irrelevant. Both can influence our mood in a positive way.


We design our environment with all seriousness, though never leave out the possibility of using unconventional ideas to shape our everyday lives.